.Net Framework 4.0 installation issue when attempting to install System Recovery (SSR)

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System Recovery (SSR) fails to install. Review of the SSRINST.HTM (Install log) .Net Framework 4.0 installation failed with error.  A ESENT Windows Application event was also generated.


Error Message


08-23-2013,17:33:08 : Application.StartupPath - Current media .NET path - C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Sym_System_Recovery_2013_11.0.0.46600_Multilingual_Product\SSR\SSRx64\Install\..\..\DotNetFX\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe

08-23-2013,17:33:54 : The return value for .Net Framework 4.0 returned error code: 3355443746

08-23-2013,17:33:54 : Clean up Symantec installer keys.

08-23-2013,17:33:55 : Installation return value: 3355443746

08-23-2013,17:34:53 : The return code is: -939523550

08-23-2013,17:34:53 : ERROR: Installation failed with error -939523550. GetLastError = :0

Windows Application Event log:

Source ESENT
Event ID 412
wuaueng.dll (944) SUS20ClientDataStore: Unable to read the header of logfile C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Logs\edb.log. Error -546.



Queries regarding the harddisk drive prior to the install of .NET were corrupt, and/or a Windows Update corruption had occured.



Be sure that the following Microsoft updates has been applied as long as the system in question meets the hardware and OS requirements:

  • https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2470478
  • https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2553708

Verify that Windows Updates are operational on the system

Perform the following steps:

1. Go to Start |Run

2. Type cmd and press Enter.

3. Type net stop wuauserv and press Enter.

4. Type rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old and press Enter.

5. Type net start wuauserv and press Enter.

6. Type exit and press Enter.

7. Re-attempt the SSR install.




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