In NetBackup, TIR (True Image Restoration) catalog data pruning fails, leading to unexpected growth in the size of catalog.

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If a backup policy is configured to use the TIR (True Image Restoration) feature, NetBackup saves additional file and directory metadata from each client in all incremental backup images that are created by the policy.

Image cleanup will remove ("prune") the additional metadata from older incremental backup image files in the catalog after the policy has run a new full backup of the client and after the number of days indicated by the Keep true image restoration (TIR) information setting in the Clean-Up section of the master server Host Properties have elapsed.

Under NetBackup, this data "pruning" operation fails.  It normally fails silently, but on some master servers the failure may also result in error messages being logged in the NetBackup error report.

The consequence of this failure is that the amount of data in the catalog will grow faster than expected.  The rate of growth depends on the number of backup policies that are configured to use TIR, and the number of files that are protected by the policies configured to use TIR.   In some situations, the failure to remove this additional data may result in the disk that holds the image catalog becoming full.

Error Message

The following error message MAY be logged in the NetBackup All Log Entries report:

08/07/2013 13:06:04 -  can not decompress file  -
                    events out of sequence - image inconsistency (229)

Note: The absence of this error message does NOT mean that the problem does not exist.


An incorrect SQL query performed by bpdbm's TIR data pruning operation returns invalid data.



The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 3289941) is available in the following releases:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 7 (
  • NetBackup 52x0 Appliances 2.5 Release Update 4 (2.5.4)

These releases are now available - more information and download links can be found in the Related Articles linked below.

Please apply the hotfix attached to this document.

Note: These hotfixes are no longer publicly available, as all of their fixes are included in the NetBackup  Maintenance Release and the NetBackup Appliances 2.5.4 Release Update.  If any of these issues are experienced, the supported resolution is to apply the latest maintenance release.


Veritas Bug ID: ET 3289890

Installation Location:  master server

Installation Instructions:  Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available in the Related Article linked below.

Package Contents: Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.3289890.1.hpia64                HP-UX Itanium Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.linuxR_x86            RedHat x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.linuxS_x86            Suse x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.rs6000                AIX Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.solaris               Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.solaris_x86           Solarix x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.x86.exe               Windows x86 Installation
eebinstaller.3289890.1.AMD64.exe             Windows x64 Installation

1418962422 29024128 hpia64/bpdbm
4176073155 5804434 linuxR_x86/bpdbm
2757790306 5871328 linuxS_x86/bpdbm
3757628624 22800470 rs6000/bpdbm
2743214990 9659072 solaris/bpdbm
3080379157 10889992 solaris_x86/bpdbm
831860927 3333632 AMD64/bpdbm.exe
3329797629 2827776 x86/bpdbm.exe

Recommended service state: Shut down services on the master server before applying.

NetBackup 52x0 Appliances 2.5.3:
Please download the RPM attached below and access the Related Article linked below for instructions on applying the hotfix on an Appliance.

Note: After this hotfix is applied, the first image cleanup job may run for a much longer time than normal.  This would be expected due to the large number of backup images which need to have old TIR data pruned from their image files in the catalog on disk.


Applies To

Any master server running NetBackup which has one or more backup policies configured to use the TIR option (either with or without move detection).  No other versions of NetBackup are affected by this problem.


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