Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 11.0.0

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Veritas updates this article as new customer-related information pertaining to 11.0.0 becomes available.

Note: While all information (known issues, hotfixes) is listed it does not mean every issue applies to every environment. Please read the details of the issue if you feel it applies to your specific situation for complete information and suggested actions. The Solution section of the referenced article will provide information about the resolution.


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On January 6, 2015 Enterprise Vault Support released the latest patch.

This cumulative hotfix contains discrete fixes across the API runtimes, Compliance Accelerator, Discovery Accelerator, Domino, Exchange, FSA, Indexing, OWA, PST Migration, SharePoint, SMTP archiving and Storage, with changes to server and client components, and utilities.  

Note: All items corrected in 11.0.0 cumulative hotfix 1 and 2 have been rolled into cumulative hotfix 3.

All Enterprise Vault productsArticle
Enterprise Vault 11.0.0 Cumulative Hotfix 3 Release000024104


Below is a listing of the known issues for the 11.0.0 release organized by product name: 




All Enterprise Vault ProductsArticleStatus
Event ID 7110 occurs during SIS Part validation after sparse file collections has extracted items from CAB files for re-collection.000021462Resolved
The archival of .mht files may cause Event ID 6952 messages to be logged with the error code 0x8003001d000019742Resolved
Only one archiving pass is being performed on certain Enterprise Vault (EV) enabled users000021952Resolved
Customized filter settings are unexpectedly removed from the Deleted Items folder of mailboxes on Exchange 2013000023184Resolved
IVMetaDataSync' returns a count of search collections as '-1' thus Indexing meta data synch never completes.000024774Resolved
An EVSVR ArchivesDirectory Repair operation fails to recreate an Archive if the Archive structured status has been modified000025566Resolved
Events 13405 and 6651 are generated after recovering deleted items from dumpster000081314Resolved



Microsoft ExchangeArticleStatus
 "Unable to perform EV operations when outlook 2016 connects to Exchange 2010 via RPC over HTTP/S profile000108366Resolved
Enterprise Vault and support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 cumulative updates 6, 7 and 8000023685Resolved
An EVSVR ArchivesDirectory Repair operation fails to change the ArchivePoint type from Shared to Mailbox000022978Resolved
Enterprise Vault PST Migration may cause the Vault Admin Console to hang000022752Resolved
E-Mails with blank To or Cc values in the P1 message are not archived or removed from the journal mailbox000022683Resolved
64 bit indexes fail when installed on a Windows 2012 server using the default Italian time format000022592Resolved
Plain Text message body content shows as blank in Outlook000022622Resolved
Certain Archived Items have an Incorrect ArchivedDate and IDCheckSumHigh within the Saveset Table000018741Resolved
Archiving fails when encounters invalid Distribution list or Recipient MAPI attributes000022080Resolved
Users prompted for credentials when SISParts are not available while attempting to retrieve an item000021507Resolved
Shortcut Processing attempts to update the retention on archived items after the retention category is changed000021403Resolved
HTML emails retrieved are being rendered in Plain Text causing embedded images to be displayed a text000021018Resolved
Additional file types added to registry value 'ExcludedFileTypesFromConversion' are reset000020482Resolved
Mail Items with attachments that have an RMS policy applied to them do not display correctly when opened000020459Resolved
A blank message is displayed when opening SMIME EV Shortcuts in an Exchange 2013 mailbox000020155Resolved
Index verify task fails with error Failed to search the index volume000019973Resolved
When archiving items from 3rd party applications which create custom internet headers, the X-KVS-MessageType header value is not read.000024662Resolved
No new items are added to one of more index volumes on an EV server000022037Resolved
Encrypted emails cannot be restored to the mailbox000024378Resolved
Event 2270 - Journal Archiving stops processing when encountering a corrupt Exchange message000024128Resolved
A Move Archive process may not complete because the Shortcut Processing phase stays in Running mode000023752Resolved
Only one archiving pass is being performed on enabled users000023864Resolved
Archived items return a blank body when restored to the mailbox000025246Resolved
Cross Saveset-collection partition causing the archived content to be inaccessible.000024891Resolved
Event ID 7110 may be logged if an archive export PST is imported into a new archive000024803Resolved
Enterprise Vault (EV) Vault Cache Synchronization fails for all users when the EV server is running with a Turkish language setting000024493Resolved
Permission warning during PST client-driven migration prevents successful migration000023833Resolved
Event 41533 - EVDatabaseUpgrader failed - Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int000023400Resolved
HTML emails from Exchange 2013 restored by EV are rendered in plain text000023492Resolved
Complex SISparts cause StorageCrawler to hang000019452Resolved
Post processing may fail for Custom Recurring Calendar items with error 0x8004010f (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND)000024557Resolved
Orphaned Dumpster items can prevent EVSVR Repair ItemCounts operation from processing correctly.000024848Resolved
Archiving/Journaling performance hindered in Exchange 2013000025643Resolved
Non IPM.Note items are causing a significant delay in Exchange Archiving000025565Resolved
Archived items restore to original location not current location when using "Move to Mailbox" | "Current Location"000025647Resolved
Korean characters are not being displayed correctly via IMAP clients on e-mails ingested into Enterprise Vault (EV) by the PST Import method.000024777Resolved
Storage Expiry running against a Journal Archive can cause long durations SQL Blockings000024069Resolved
Connection to Amazon Migrator from Enterprise Vault server does not work on a Windows 2012 server.000081466Resolved
Search prompts for user credentials when Active Directory Client Certificates are in use000025248Will Not Change
A blank window is launched for Archive Explorer and EV Search if the user's Exchange Mailbox DN contains an "@" character000019962Will Not Change
Actions taken in the Outlook Add-in are not properly recorded in the EV Audit log000018739Will Not Change
Items recently deleted prior to closing an Archive will not be removed from the Vault Store JournalDelete table000085764Will Not Change
Performance of Indexing may degrade over time when indexing xml attachments with embedded PDF files000020895Will Not Change


File System ArchivingArticleStatus
FSA task exits unexpectedly with event Id 1000 while verifying Dynamic Access Control permissions.000024472Resolved
Violation of File Blocking Rules do not trigger notifications and files are not quarantined000023875Resolved
Shortcut Deletion doesn't occur during Shortcut Deletion schedule period000085836Resolved
Placeholders on a Windows file server may not recall after upgrading the FSA agent to 11.0.0 or higher.000024820Resolved
Orphaned Placeholder Deletion does not delete placeholders that have been expired by Storage Expiry000025559Resolved


Lotus DominoArticleStatus
Store and Cancel buttons do not work for Lotus Notes / IBM Notes installed on MAC OS X000021780Resolved
Event ID 41163 Error: Could not load file or assembly EVManagedLibrary.dll.000024785Resolved
Event ID 41162 'Failed to determine Directory Assistance configuration'000025704Resolved
Enterprise Vault Provisioning or Archiving task fails - Event ID 41050 'Unable to initialize Names and Address Book session for Domino server'000025568Resolved
Temporary EVR_*.nsf databases are not deleting after usage000107902Resolved


Compliance AcceleratorArticleStatus
Compliance Accelerator Reviewer Activity Detail Report fails with error: Query execution failed for dataset 'CustomerDataset'000024496Resolved
Resubmitted Accelerator Searches using less than 100 percent Sampling return unexpected results000025760Resolved
Compliance Accelerator group synchronization does not recursively enumerate Employees from nested child domain groups000024047Will Not Change
Duplicate items appearing in the Review Set and Exports000085995Will Not Change


Discovery AcceleratorArticleStatus
Advanced Searches show less than expected hits when searching for recipient information000021924Resolved
Unable to get the archive name from a DA Reviewer's history tab.000025535Resolved
Messages that are in different threads of a common base message are considered duplicates with Analytics enabled.000025404Resolved


Microsoft SharepointArticleStatus
Archiving can return an error in XML document if there is an invalid character found.000021465Resolved
EVSPShortcutManager is unable to recall items when the operating system and website language settings are different000021417Resolved
Custom site layouts in Sharepoint may not display correctly for users with Read permissions on the site000020936Resolved
An Enterprise Vault (EV) item archived from SharePoint 2013 may return a 404 error when selecting to View the item from Version History.000081503Resolved
Attempts to perform a 'Show archived versions of this item' within SharePoint returns an access denied error.000025771Resolved


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