DLO Backups are failing with dedupe engine offline on the client machines

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While trying to run the backups using dedupe option with SDLO 7.5 the backups are failing with the following error

Error Message

FAILED to copy to Network User Data Folder. Dedupe engine offline



How to troubleshoot:
1. Confirm whether all firewall settings on both Dedupe Storage Location (DSL) server and DLO client are disabled.

2. Confirm the connection to "http://[DSL server name]:8080" and "https://[DSL server name]:8443" on Internet Explorer of DLO client.

[DSL server name] is a server that is running the service "Mindtree StreSmart Dedupe Server" and the process Tomcat7.exe.
"StoreSmart Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active." needs be displayed on Internet Explorer.

3. Confirm whether "Domain Users" is added to "Allow log on locally" in Group Policy Management.

When DSL exists on Domain controller (DC), use "Default Domain Controllers Policy".
When DSL exists on Member server, use both "Default Domain Policy" on DC and "Local Security Policy" on Member server.
If the job works correctly by adding "Domain Users" to "Allow log on locally", change from "Domain Users" to a specific Domain User name because of the security reasons.

4. Confirm the path of Storage Location is different from one of DSL.

The path of Storage Location must not be same as one of DSL.

Disable the dedupe option from the profile.



Veritas Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned in this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.
This issue is currently under investigation by Veritas Corporation. Pending the outcome of the investigation, this issue may be resolved by way of a patch or hotfix in current or future revisions of the software. However, this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release.  If you feel this issue has a direct business impact for you and your continued use of the product, please contact your Veritas Sales representative or the Veritas Sales group to discuss these concerns.  For information on how to contact Veritas Sales, please see 
http://www.veritas.com  Please be sure to refer back to this document periodically as any changes to the status of the issue will be reflected here.

NOTE: Customers experiencing this issue are encouraged to contact Technical Support as data is still being collected to assist in resolving this issue.




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