'An error has occurred in the script of this page' generates during 'Move to Mailbox' from Archive Explorer

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From Outlook embedded Archive Explorer if during a "Move to Folder" execution the user clicks on a different folder on the left pane the move is interrupted and the following error is logged: "Script Error: An error has occurred in the script on this page; Line 555 (or 517), Error: Permission Denied, URL http://evserver.domain.com/enterprisevault/v10.0.x.xxxx/en/html/Heading.html (or http://evserver.domain.com/enterprisevault/v10.0.x.xxxx/en/script/UserFunction.Js)"


Error Message


The 'Move to Mailbox' execution is composed by two operations, the restore of the item and its deletion from the EV archive afterwards.

The deletion step (done through the delete2k.asp) is invoked by an ActiveXObject and an HTTP request which are done asynchronously; the script error occurs whenever a folder is clicked during the HTTP request.


This behaviour will not change and users will have to wait until the Move to Mailbox task is completed before clicking on another folder on the left pane, as an alternative it is possible to change the value in the Exchange Desktop Policy / Launch Archive Explorer from 'In Outlook' to 'Separate Browser'.



Applies To

The error occurs when all of the following are in place

- Exchange Desktop policy with 'In Outlook' for the setting Advanced / Launch Archive Explorer

- The setting 'Users can delete items from their archives' in the Site Properties / Archive Settings

- The retention category to allow the deletion of the archived emails (without the checkbox 'prevent deletion of archived items')

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