Incremental VMware Backups or Duplications of Linux VMs are failing with Status 84 intermittently to deduplication storage

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When performing incremental backups or duplication of Linux VMs to deduplication storage, the backups may fail with Status 84 (media write error) due to inconsistent data in the VMware snapshot.

Error Message

 Detail Status:

6/3/2013 11:52:10 PM - Info bpbkar(pid=19619) 15718 entries sent to bpdbm
6/3/2013 11:55:47 PM - Critical bptm(pid=19629) image write failed: error 2060022: software error
6/3/2013 11:56:06 PM - Error bptm(pid=19629) cannot write image to disk, Invalid argument
6/3/2013 11:56:07 PM - Info bptm(pid=19629) EXITING with status 84 <----------
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [DEBUG] PDSTS: fbu_fill_bitmap: (1561) stream_offset=159927296, file_offset=0, length=1024, fsize=567
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [DEBUG] PDSTS: vxms_transadr: starting adr=1036509
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [DEBUG] PDSTS: vxms_transadr: bmw=0xffffffff, map_part=0, part_index=32390, pix=32390
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [DEBUG] PDSTS: fbu_fill_bitmap: (1562) stream_offset=159927296, file_offset=0, length=512, fsize=303
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [ERROR] PDSTS: fbu_fill_bitmap: (1561) stream_offset(159927296) + length(1024) > (1562) stream_offset(159927296)
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [ERROR] PDSTS: fbu_scan_buf: fbu_fill_bitmap() failed (2060022:software error)
130603_8_pdplugin.log:06/03/13 23:55:40 [19629:bptm] [19629] [ERROR] PDSTS: write_special_buf: fbu_scan_buf failed: (2060022:software error)


Currently vSphere versions prior to vSphere 5.1 does not include a quiesce agent for Linux VMs.  This makes snapshot of Linux VM dirty due to the fact that data in memory/cache has not been flushed to the filesystem.  As a result, the snapshot is intermittently sending bad information to NetBackup and we are failing as a result.

In one case, we are getting identical i_block information from multiple inodes which should never happen.



Veritas provides a quiesce tool that can be installed on support Linux virtual machines.  In vSphere 5.1, VMware tools should include a quiesce agent for Linux VMs.

For any machine that is not supported, it maybe necessary to switch to FullVM backups without mapping of the file level information enabled.


Applies To

This issue has been seen on Linux VMs where the filesystem are not quiesced during a snapshot.

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