List of fixes included in the NetBackup bpbkar bundle for resolving status code 130 failures.

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This document contains a list of fixes included in the EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) bundle of bpbkar and associated libraries, available for NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances 2.5.2 by contacting Symantec technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 3137665:


2823912 : Granular browse from a RD snapshot failed on windows 2003R2 system, but succeeds on another system that is 2008.
2990696 : Simultaneous VMware Direct Backups dump bpbkar cores / Some backups fail with Error 130
3026223 : VMware backups creating bpbkar corefiles on appliance
3095853 : bpbkar core dump on redhat media server and vmware backup failed with 130
3115145 : Suse11 backup host shows openFile:RvpFile.cpp:169 <DEBUG> : Unable to open: /tmp/*.vmdk_1e3660.xml but backup is successful.
3124619 : add code for creating vixdump in linux suse platform.
3127214 : bpbkar32 core found on Windows media server while running vmware backup.Backup failed with error 13.
3142012 : EEB bundle for resolving error status 130 arrived in bpbkar

All of the fixes included in this bundle are scheduled to be included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release. 



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