Error: "Cannot restore BIOS based recovery points on UEFI based computers. Please select a UEFI based recovery point" when restoring an image from a UEFI-based computer.

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Symantec System Recovery 2013 System Recovery Disk (SSR 2013 SRD) detects UEFI based recovery points as BIOS based recovery points, even if the image is from an UEFI-enabled system. This prevents a system restore.

Error Message

Cannot restore BIOS based recovery points on UEFI based computers. Please select a UEFI based recovery point. (Figure 1)

Figure 1



On BIOS-based boot computers, there is a legitimate BCD file located in the BOOT folder on the root of the bootable volume of BIOS based computer. On uEFI-enabled computer, that files is not necessary but is sometimes left there by computer manufactures. If the BCD file exists exists on one or more volume of the UEFI-based computer when an image is taken, the recovery process will detect that file in the image file during restore and halt the recovery, and flash this error.



Use System Recovery 2013 Service Pack 2 SRD 64bit or later.

To obtain System Recovery 2013 Service Pack 2 SRD 64bit, please download from MyVeritas portal (See

Please perform either step 1 or 2.

1. During the restore, select File name in  View recovery points by:  during the recovery process. (Figure 2). Selecting "File name" in "View recovery points by:" bypasses the UEFI detection check
Figure 2

2. If the source computer from whence the image file came from is still available, confirm whether or not the file BCD exists in the folder ROOT on one or more volumes of the UEFI-based computer. If so, rename* all instances bcd.old. Backup the volumes again, and recover the newly created recovery points.


*IMPORTANT: Please confirm that the computer is UEFI-based before modifying the BCD. Modifying the BCD file on a BIOS-based computer will result in a non-bootable system. A UEFI-boot computer can be verified in the system BIOS and also by the existence of a UEFI System Partition (ESP) partition. This image shows a system where UEFI is disabled:




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Symantec System Recovery 2013
UEFI based computer

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