Searches on the 'Content' field of quoted phrase that contains a wildcard character does not return any results in certain combinations.

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When using Browser Search and searching on the 'Content' field with 'contains phrase' selected certain combinations of quoted phrases that contain wild card characters will not return any results.

For example: The following search strings return expected search results for an email that contains the phrase "endtime Feb 1 2013" in the body of the email.

"endtime Feb 1 *013" ; "endtime Feb 1 *" ; "endtime Feb 1 ?013" ; "endtime *eb 1 2013" ; "endtime ?eb 1 2013" ; "endtim? Feb 1 2013" ; "* Feb 1 2013"

Conversely the following are examples of search strings that return no results for an email that contains the phrase "endtime Feb 1 2013" in the body of the email.  

"endtime Feb * 2013" ; "endtime Feb ? 2013" ; "endtime Feb % 2013" ; "endtime Feb ?? 2013" ; "endtime * 1 2013" ; "endtime ??? 1 2013"

The same issue exists when performing searches in Discovery Accelerator.

The issue does not appear to occur when a wildcard character is used in place of the first or last word of the phrase or in place of characters in the first or last word of the phrase.

The issue primarily appears to occur when a wild card character is used to search for any word in the phrase other than the first or last word.

Error Message

No error is reported when this issue occurs. The only indication is that expected results are not returned.


This issue has been introduced with the release of Enterprise Vault 10.x.

Note: This issue only affects 64 bit indexes. Items that were initially ingested in a previous version of Enterprise Vault and are in a 32 bit index in Enterprise Vault 10 are not affected. However, if that 32 bit index is upgraded to a 64 bit index the issue will occur.


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 1 Release

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