How to disable the HTTPS requirement for Legal Hold System Admin and Custodians Notice Confirmations

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A company will not be deploying a certificate since all access from Legal Hold System Admin and Custodian Notices with the Clearwell (CW) Confirmation Server is internal and security policy doesn't require HTTPS.


By default in Clearwell (CW), the Go To Confirmation link listed in Legal Hold System Admin and Custodians Notices is defaulted as HTTPS.


The default value HTTPS can be changed to HTTP by performing the steps following:

  1. Login to Clearwell (CW).
  2. Go to SystemSupport Features.
  3. In Support Features choose the settings as follows:
    Step 1: Choose a support feature

    Property Browser

    Step 3: Please enter the following parameters. " * " denotes parameter is required.
    Name of property to change
    New value (leave blank to remove)   false
    Confirm change. Are you sure? *    Yes
  4. Click Submit.

Note: For your configuration settings to take effect, you do NOT need to restart services.

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