P2V job fails with error: 0xe000a416 Failed to format a volume from the virtual disks

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When running a physical to virtual (P2V) conversion job to convert a server/backup to virtual disk the job fails formatting the target virtual disk

Error Message

Job log shows the following error:

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000a416 - Failed to format a volume from the virtual disks.
Final error category: Resource Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-42006

SGMon logs shows the following error:

BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:41:50] [13424] 2013-05-23T13:41:49.081 [fsys\shared] - SymVmTools: RetrieveDcMorAndObjMorFromPath: SYM_VMC_ERROR: FAILED_TO_GET_MOB
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:41:50] [13424] 2013-05-23T13:41:49.081 [fsys\shared] - SymVmTools: GetObjDetails: SYM_VMC_ERROR: FAILED_TO_GET_MOB
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:41:50] [13424] 2013-05-23T13:41:49.081 [p2vhelper] - createVirtualTarget(): The VM 'VM SERVERNAME' does not exist
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:18] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:18.500 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: Opening file [VMFS3_4MB] VM SERVERNAME/P2V-2-VM SERVERNAME_2.vmdk (ha-nfc://[VMFS3_4MB] VM SERVERNAME/P2V-2-VM
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:18] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:18.730 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LINK : Opened 'ha-nfc://[VMFS3_4MB] VM SERVERNAME/P2V-2-VM
SERVERNAME_2.vmdk@' (0xa): custom, 286677120 sectors / 136.7 GB.
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:18] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:18.730 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LIB : Opened "ha-nfc://[VMFS3_4MB] VM SERVERNAME/P2V-2-VM
SERVERNAME_2.vmdk@" (flags 0xa, type custom).
STORAGED: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [0000] {CBacktrace::ReadConfiguration:#467} Entry
STORAGED: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [0000] {CBacktrace::ReadConfiguration:#529} Exit
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.610 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DiskLibProvider_GetDisk: Open successful - index 2.
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.652 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Warn: Error opening boot.ini file boot.ini for reading
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [32528] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.652 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: Unable to GetVolumeMountPoints - Error code 20.
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:19] [13424] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.653 [engidrapi] - MountManagerApi::AddMountPoint() - Info: Successfully created the mountpoint:
\\?\Volume{A868F735-5581-4E82-9C59-7F52E9E2004A} for device: \Device\vstor2-mntapi10-shared-EE1D4B0B000010000000000010000000.
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:20] [29428] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.907 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LINK : DiskLinkRWv failed : You have requested access to an area of the virtual disk that is out of bounds (17).
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:20] [29428] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.907 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LIB : RWv failed ioId: #11937 (17) (17) .
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:20] [29428] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.907 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Warn: VixDiskLibReaderWriter::WriteData: Unable to write to disk 359218688 bytes at 512.
BEREMOTE: [05/23/13 13:42:20] [29520] 2013-05-23T13:42:19.908 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: Vmount library: Error 1012 while while writing to device


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