Convert to Virtual Machine (B2V) option only recovers critical drives but not all drives in the original system

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After a successful backup of System State and all drives in a system is completed. If the option to convert this existing backup to a virtual machine (known as Backup to Virtual, B2V) is used, the the conversion process may only recover those drives that were classified as required for Simpliified System Protection (SSP) to be enabled. In other words those drives required to keep the green SSP indicator active when making the backup selections in the first place.  Any extra drives/volumes that were backed up in the same original backup job may not be recovered into the virtual environment. As a comparison the Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) process against the same backup set will recover the extra drives/volumes at the same time.


SDR defaults to selecting all drives for recovery with an option to deselect the non-critical ones. For the convert to virtual (B2V) operation, however, Backup Exec defaults to recovering only those required to boot the operating system.  

To change the behavior:

1. Create the B2V job and go through the steps in the wizard

2. Stop when Point-in-Time Selections are displayed

3. Use the Edit button to add the non-critical drives from the same original job into the process before continuing


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