An EVSVR DatabaseReferences operation may incorrectly reports Invalid Savesets if duplicates exist on a Centera device

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If duplicate items exits in different clips, an EVSVR DatabaseReferences operation may incorrectly report the saveset as being invalid.


Error Message

The Event logs will not contain any errors but the following pattern can be seen in the EVSVR log where an item can be processed twice or more, depending on the number of duplicates that exist for a particular item.

EVSVR Repair Log

First Occurrence

During the repair, the first instance of an item is encountered and repaired, stating that the current clip 1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL is wrong:

2013-02-02 01:36:25          Corrected Collection record used for Saveset
2013-02-02 01:36:25            SavesetId:   201010040000000~200804100853150000~Z~20724F3F312B515D6919B66C802EC101
2013-02-02 01:36:25            Old Clip-Id:   1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL
2013-02-02 01:36:25            New Clip-Id:   3BF8ER9KDQFI9e2A0TKSE0OC8AL
2013-02-02 01:36:25            Archived Date: 2010-10-04 02:35:25Z


Second Occurrence

A second instance of the item is then encountered in a different clip, and the Clip ID is then reset to the Original one i.e.1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL

2013-02-02 01:36:28          Corrected Collection record used for Saveset
2013-02-02 01:36:28            SavesetId:   201010040000000~200804100853150000~Z~20724F3F312B515D6919B66C802EC101
2013-02-02 01:36:28            Old Clip-Id:   3BF8ER9KDQFI9e2A0TKSE0OC8AL
2013-02-02 01:36:28            New Clip-Id:   1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL
2013-02-02 01:36:28            Archived Date: 2010-10-04 07:26:18Z


EVSVR Verify Log (After repair)

Running a verify repair will then identify the Clip ID 1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL as being wrong

2013-02-03 13:56:14          Clip-Id mismatch
2013-02-03 13:56:14            Centera Clip-Id:        3BF8ER9KDQFI9e2A0TKSE0OC8AL
2013-02-03 13:56:14            Vault Store DB Clip-Id: 1NDMCA5V1085Ue6PDLR6UK79IJL
2013-02-03 13:56:14            Saveset Identity:       107371545, CollectionIdentity: 774614
2013-02-03 13:56:14            SavesetId: 201010040000000~200804100853150000~Z~20724F3F312B515D6919B66C802EC101
2013-02-03 13:56:14            Archived Date:          2010-10-04 07:26:18Z



This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release

Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.0 0 Release Details


Applies To

The issue has been reported if the following conditions are true:

  • Enterprise Vault (EV):
    • 9.0.x
    • 10.0.x
  • Centera Device with Collection enabled.
  • Duplicates Items

If Collection is disabled, the behavior will be slightly different


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