When running the NetBackup Java admin console and restoring windows clients to alternate directories, an "invalid destination pathname" error is displayed.

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The NetBackup Java administration console will not accept an alternate path that uses the windows format such as E:\restore.


Error Message

Invalid Destination pathname.  (figure)


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 3113286) is included in the following releases:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 6 (
  • NetBackup Appliances 2.5.3


These releases are now available - more information and download links can be found in the Related Articles linked below.


Convert all Windows paths to UNIX-style paths by prepending with a forward slash (/), removing colons (:) from drive letters and changing all backslashes (\) in the path to forward slashes (/) - for example, a Windows path of E:\restore would need to be converted to the UNIX-style path /E/restore.

Hotfix for NetBackup:
Note: This hotfix is no longer publicly available, as all of its fixes are included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release.  If any of these issues are experienced in a NetBackup 7.5.0.x environment, the supported resolution is to apply the latest maintenance release. 

The attached file NB_7.5.0.5_ET3113092_1.zip contains an nbjP.jar patch file to apply on the server or client running the Java GUI.  Download and unzip this file, then copy or move nbjP.jar to the Java directory:

  • On UNIX and Linux servers, this path is usually /usr/openv/java
  • On Windows machines, this path is usually <install_path>\VERITAS\Java

Note: If nbjP.jar already exists in this folder or directory, DO NOT OVERWRITE IT with this nbjP.jar.  Please contact Veritas technical support for further instructions.

Veritas Bug ID: ET 3113092

Version:  NetBackup_7.5.0.5

Checksum: 927825773 29885 nbjP.jar

Recommended service state:  Close all Java GUI instances before installing this binary.

Hotfix for Appliances:
Note: This hotfix is no longer publicly available, as all of its fixes are included in the NetBackup Appliances 2.5.3 Release Update.  If any of these issues are experienced on a NetBackup Appliances, the supported resolution is to apply the latest release update. 

Please download the RPM attached below and access the Related Article linked below for instructions on applying the hotfix on an Appliance.

Note: If installation fails, it may be necessary to append -create to the Install <patch_name> command in Step 8.




Applies To

 Netbackup Java console on all platforms (including NetBackup Appliances 2.5.2)


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