Using the SORT Data Collector to gather logs for InfoScale and Storage Foundation Technical Support

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The Data Collector is the successor to VRTSExplorer and VxExplorer. It should be used in place of these utilities when gathering logs for Support. The older, stand-alone, versions of these utilities are no longer updated.


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Walk-through video
Where to get the Data Collector
How to run the Data Collector
How to send the logs to Support
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Walk-though video
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Where to find the Data Collector
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1. Go to
2. Click "My Sort."
3. Find the box labeled "Custom Reports using Data Collectors." It may be necessary to scroll down before it becomes visible.
4. Click the "Data Collector" tab.
5. Click the operating system to download the Data Collector.

How to run the Data Collector
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1.  Copy the Data Collector to the server where it will be run.
2.  Execute the data collector script, or executable. The filename varies depending on the platform.
3.  Press "y" to start the data collector and to accept the terms.
4. Choose "Storage Foundation and HA Solutions."
5. Choose "VxExplorer."

Note: Root, or Administrator, permissions are required to run the VxExplorer portion of the Data Collector.

6. Specify the servers from where the logs will be collected. The Data Collector can collect logs from the local server, or it can remotely collect logs from multiple servers.

For the remainder of the script, the default responses can be chosen, unless otherwise specified by Support.

How to send the logs to Support
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1. When the VxExplorer is complete, the Data Collector offers to upload the logs to a Veritas server, automatically. This requires an Internet connection and a case number.

Alternatively, the logs can be uploaded manually, using FTP. 

More information about uploading logs with FTP can be found in this article:
"Methods to Provide Data for Technical Support Cases

2. Once the logs are uploaded, notify the Support engineer who is handling your case that the logs are available for review.

Additional Information
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More details about about the SORT Data Collector can be found in the following article:
"3 steps to use the SORT Data Collector to gather and submit an enhanced vxexplorer troubleshooting archive"





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