ESA-28744-32593 - Point Fix for eDiscovery Platform V7.1.1 Fix 6

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Which version of eDiscovery Platform can this Point Fix be applied

This Point Fix can only be applied to the following version of Clearwell:
Clearwell V7.1.1 fix6


What issue(s) does this Point Fix resolve?

The Point Fix resolves the following issue:


This updates fixes an issue that would cause post-processing to Fail. The error in the Search Analytics component is:

'The value given to a TextRegion is NULL'


This fix resolves an issue where running a search on a document population that contain a large number of participants ("To", "From", "cc", "bcc") could result in a Clearwell services restart. The server log indicates an "out of memory" condition such as the following:

YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,340 WARN [system.resource.SystemMemoryMonitorTask] (systemresource Timer:) [#81050] LOW JAVA HEAP MEMORY WARNING: free=20 MB, max=40,960 MB, pctFree=0.051, Threads=103
YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,356 DETAIL [resource.cpu.CpuMonitor] (monitor.cpu:) monitor.cpu : waiting for exit
YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,356 DEBUG [resource.cpu.CpuMonitor] (monitor.cpu:) ***Saving Statistics***
YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,356 DETAIL [resource.cpu.CpuMonitor] (monitor.cpu:) Unregistered 0 broadcast listeners
YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,356 DETAIL [resource.cpu.CpuMonitor] (monitor.cpu:) monitor.cpu : bye bye
YYYY-MM-DD 08:05:43,403 DETAIL [] (Shell : shutdown thread:) *** EXITING ABNORMALLY NOW! ***


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

eDiscovery Platform V7.1.2


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