NetApp array PID wildcard not supported until 5.0MP3 and later

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When adding NetApp storage to a host running a Storage Foundation version earlier than 5.0MP3, the Array Support Library (ASL) fails to claim the devices.  Users will find errors as displayed below in their syslog or messages file.

Error Message

VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-8646 Error in claiming /dev/rdsk/c5t500A09848F11373Bd0s2: No such file or directory
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-9064 ddl_vendor_check_attributes: /dev/rdsk/c5t500A09848F11373Bd1s2 ANAME V6280 does not match ANAME


Storage Foundation versions prior to 5.0MP3 do not support all Product ID (PID) mappings from NetApp. "Wildcard" (match any) support in the existing ASL is not enabled in versions prior to 5.0MP3.


Users must update to at least 5.0MP3 and install ASL/APM to claim the array and allow the devices to be available for use in VxVM. Best practices would include installing the rolling patch available for 5.0MP3 (currently RP5).  The ASL/APM packages, Maintenance Pack 3 (5.0MP3) and product patches are available on SORT:

ASL/APM information for the most recent version available on 5.0MP3.

ASL Package Name: VRTSNTAPasl
ASL Package Version: 5.0,REV=09.30.2010.18.06
APM Package Name: VRTSNTAPapm
APM Package Version: 5.4,REV=09.22.2009.14.32
Supported versions of Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0MP3 and later
Supported Arrays: NetApp Storage Systems (A/A-NETAPP, A/P-NETAPP, ALUA)

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