Backup Exec 2012: Backups of virtual machines randomly fail with Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images

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Backups of virtual machines using the Agent for VMware randomly fail with the errors below.

Error Message

Job Log error:
Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images:

beremote debug log:
[fsys\shared]        - Calling the vixdiskLib api: VixDiskLib_EndAccess('VCENTER')
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVimResolveHostName: Resolving IP address for hostname VCENTER.
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVimResolveHostName: Resolved to IP_ADDRESS.
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVim: VixDiskLibVimLogin
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVim: TicketFindVMByMoRef: vmxPath = -vm-####-
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVim: VixDiskLibVimLoadVM
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVim: VixDiskLibVimLoadVMCb
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Warn: VixDiskLibVim: VixDiskLibVimLoadVMCb failure - VixError = 1.
[fsys\shared]        - VDDK-Log: VixDiskLibVim: VixDiskLibVimLogout
[fsys\shared]        - Calling the vixdiskLib api: VixDiskLib_PrepareForAccess('VCENTER')



This issue has been resolved in the latest service pack for Backup Exec 2012.  For more information on how to obtain this, see the Related Articles Section below. 


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