A backup of a Microsoft Exchange 2010 database on a DAG fails from one of the nodes with the error code 0xe0008516.

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In a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group (DAG), an environmental backup of databases fails from one of the nodes with the error mentioned below.

Error Message

Error in the job log:

Final error: 0xe0008516 - Resources specified for snapshot do not have any valid data on them. Check if files were deleted or renamed.
Final error category: System Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34070

 Error in sgmon log on the problem Exchange node:

BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [fsys\ntfs\mnet] - creating DLE for remote machine \\Dag.domain.net
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [fsys\ntfs\mnet] - legacy_MSNetCreateTempDLE() - Info: NetServerGetInfo() failed with error code: 5. Using GetVersionEx() to get the server information
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] Failed to open Microsoft cluster (Dag.domain.net)
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [fsys\shared] - 7 = 0x00000000
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] Failed to open Microsoft cluster (Dag.domain.net)
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [fsys\ntfs\mnet] - WARNING: MSNetEstablishConnection error 1396 from WNetAddConnection2 for connection to \\Dag.domain.net
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [ndmp\ndmpsrvr] - ndmpdSnapshotPrepare2: FS_AttachToDle returned 0xE00084AF for \\Dag.domain.net
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [ndmp\ndmpsrvr] - ndmpdSnapshotPrepare2: Calling DLE_FindByName again for device: \\Dag.domain.net\Microsoft Information Store\Mailboxdatabase
BEREMOTE: [11/12/12 15:22:38] [6380] [ndmp\ndmpsrvr] - ndmpdSnapshotPrepare2: DLE_FindByName returned 0xE00084AF for \\Dag.domain.net\Microsoft Information Store\Mailboxdatabase.

Please refer to related articles on how to run sgmon.


This issue will come up if a cluster network name is offline (as shown in the screenshot below from Failover Cluster Manager)


To resolve this issue, bring the cluster Name online from the Failover Cluster Manager as shown in the screenshot below:

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