Event ID 8390 and 8391 Unspecified error when restoring to a PST from Browser Search

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If a user attempts to export browser search results to PST, the action will result in all items marked in a "failed" status.  This occurs when restoring a basket from the Enterprise Vault (EV) Browser Search.  There is also a corresponding Event ID 8391 and 8390 generated in the EV Event Viewer.

Error Message

Event ID: 8390
Task Category: Shopping Service
Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. Unspecified error

Event ID: 8391
Task Category: Directory Service
Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. Unspecified error

To determine if this is the issue, a DTRACE is needed. For more information on using the Dtrace Utility refer to Related Article HOWTO57893 below.  


    • Dtrace the both DirectoryService and ShoppingService processes for no less than 5 minutes while re-creating the issue 
    • Open the log file created and search for either of the following the strings:

    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV:L CADOContext::CreateConnection entry
    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV:L CADOContext::CreateConnection exit. source:Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=SQL-1\EV10;Database=EnterpriseVaultDirectory;Trusted_Connection=yes hr=Success (0)
    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV:L CADODataAccess::CreateCommand entry
    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV:L CADODataAccess::CreateCommand exit. hr=Success (0)
    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV:H {CDirectoryServiceObject::ReadArchiveRetrievalTaskByMailboxDN} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80004005], [.\DirectoryServiceObject.cpp, lines {20993,21002,21005,21008,21038,21041,21044,21069}, built Sep 12 21:03:57 2012].
    (DirectoryService) <1532> EV~E Event ID: 8391 The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error.| |Unspecified error|


    In the Dtrace log, run a find the line below showing the Distinguished Name (DN) of the Authenticating Account 

    (ShoppingService) <3916>EV:M GetDN - ExchangeServer = EXCH-07, User = User1, DomainName = (null), GlobalCatalogServer = (null)

    This DN is used when the database is queried to obtain a Retrieval task to process the request and no task is returned. 

    (DirectoryService) <1532>EV:M DirectoryService: ADO: SELECT ArchivingRetrievalTask.TaskEntryId AS ArchiveTaskId ,RetrievalTask.TaskEntryId AS RetrievalTaskId ,Task.ComputerEntryId AS ComputerId FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry JOIN ExchangeMailboxStore ON ExchangeMailboxStore.MbxStoreIdentity = ExchangeMailboxEntry.MbxStoreIdentity JOIN ExchangeServerEntry ON ExchangeServerEntry.ExchangeServerIdentity = ExchangeMailboxStore.ExchangeServerIdentity JOIN ArchivingRetrievalTask ON ArchivingRetrievalTask.ExchangeServerEntryId = ExchangeServerEntry.ExchangeServerEntryId JOIN RetrievalTask ON RetrievalTask.ArchivingTaskEntryId = ArchivingRetrievalTask.TaskEntryId JOIN Task ON Task.TaskEntryId = ArchivingRetrievalTask.TaskEntryId WHERE LegacyMbxDN = ? |



    This error occurs after enabling RestoreToPSTOption in the WebApp.ini and will occur to a user without the proper permissions. When a restore is attempted from an archive the Shopping Basket will fail to build a PST. The status of the Shopping Basket is marked as failed and the items do not restore. There are two documented cases for this scenario. It can either be the Authenticating Account is not enabled for archiving or the Authenticating Account is enabled in another EV site.

    Note: For more information about the configuration of the WebApp.ini, refer to Related Article TECH54559 below



    When attempting to restore the items in a basket via Browser Search, on the Restore Basket page a valid server and mailbox alias are required under the heading Authenticating Microsoft Exchange mailbox before attempting the restore.  

    The server and mailbox alias combination provided must be targeted by a valid Mailbox Archiving Task.

    If restoring from a Journal archive then use the Journal Mailbox alias.

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