BESR 2010 Client backup is running regardless the backup schedule which is set on BESRMS 2010

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Some of the client systems are running the incremental backups about every hour regardless of backup schedule from BESRMS.

Error Message

1.RPAM logs (VProSvc.txt)

* 2012-12-31T14:05:27.8295888Z Thread #13156 Context: RESULT_CLASS : RESULT
1: sqlite3_prepare
2: 5: database is locked
Error V2ICOMMON_ERR_FROM_DB_LAYER (E4BD0012): An interaction with the catalog's database layer failed unexpectedly: sqlite3_prepare--5: database is locked.

2.BESR Log(SmeDump.txt)

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.3260000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: VOLUME_MGT : INFO
  .\Volume.cpp(274)   Function: Volume::Volume
Finished creating V-\Device\SymantecSnapshot\Volume0 in SDg-5dfc682c-1709-4aef-92ae-7343ba9b5b7a from disk 1

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.3420000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: DEVICE : ERR
  .\WindowsVirtualOSVolumeDevice.cpp(68)   Function: OpenDeviceHandle
CreateFileW succeeded after 1 attempts to open \\?\SymantecSnapshot0.

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.3730000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: RESULT_CLASS : RESULT
Error ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (EBAB0003): This feature is not yet implemented.

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.3730000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: SME : INFO
  .\SmeCommon.cpp(489)   Function: SmeCommon::Initialize

--------------------------------------- DiscoRoot Initialize ---------------------------------------

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.4040000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: RESULT_CLASS : RESULT
Error 00000005: Access is denied.

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.4200000Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: RESULT_CLASS : RESULT
                1: \\?\SymantecSnapshot0
                2: Error 00000005: Access is denied.
Error SME_ERROR_DEVICE_FLUSH_FAILED (E0BB0009): Device \\?\SymantecSnapshot0 error flushing sectors.
Error 00000005: Access is denied.

* 2013-01-25T16:35:26.4298102Z  Main Thread(10080)               Context: TIMING : INFO


When several application backups are running, 2nd backup process is triggered before 1st backup is not completed.
By this reason, database is not updated properly.

After the backups are run, it tries to update it in the RPAM_store.dat which is a SQL lite database of SSR.
If the database is locked, backup results about completed/ unexecuted backup jobs are not reported properly during a routine backup check.
This could cause some of the backup task to report incomplete and backup is run again and again.


  1. Rename/Move the "RPAM_History.dat " file from the Client system along with "VProRecovery" hidden folder 
  2. Upgrade to BESR 2010 SP5    



Applies To

Veritas Management Console : 7.0.5201
Veritas Backup Exec System Recovery Version : 2010
Veritas BESR Management Solution : 2010 SP3

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