How to remove the Managed Backup Exec Server(MBES / MMS) option when communications have been lost to the Central Admin Server (CAS) and the option is grayed out.

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This document will outline the steps that need to be followed to get a Managed Backup Exec server back to standalone even though the option is grayed out (Figure 1) and communications has been lost between it and the Central Admin Server (CAS).

Figure 1



1. Open Windows Control Panel on the Managed Backup Exec Server.

2. Select Add/Remove programs or Programs and Features.

3. Select Backup Exec 2012 from the list and click the 'Change' button. (Figure 2)


Figure 2



4. Select the Next button with the default selections. (Figure 3)

Figure 3


5. Select the Next button on the 'Available Licenses' screen.

6. On the 'Select the products to install on this computer.' screen, select any product features and agents that are still in use(or leave them selected) and then click on the Next button.

7. Select the Next button on the 'Select features to install' screen. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

8. Select the Next button to get past the Language selection screen.

9. Select the 'Locally managed Backup Exec Server' radio button and click the Next button. (Figure 5)

Figure 5



10. You should see an error window that pops up explaining that the MBES was unable to contact BE-CAS. (Figure 6)
Click OK on the Error dialog, and then the Next button after, this will force the MBES into standalone.

Note: If the ERROR popup does NOT happen then Backup Exec detected a server with the same name as the CAS
on the network. If it is the real Central Admin Server(CAS) and it is still running correctly you should be able to remove
the MBES from the storage tab on the CAS and this will remove it from that system and make the MBES standalone
after service restart on the MBES.

Figure 6


11. Click the Install button on the Summary page to complete the process.

12. After the installation has complete, open the Backup Exec Console/UI and add any storage devices that may be needed.

NOTE: In a restore scenario you may also need to run an inventory and catalog of the storage location. This depends on the previous catalog method in place at the time of the original backup job and whether or not the MBE backed up and duplicated to the CAS or the CAS backed up and duplicated to the MBE.

13. Once the Central Admin server is back online, the MBES can be re-joined using the traditional method.

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