Error restoring migrated case backups or archives.

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In this scenario when an attempt is made to migrate a case from one Clearwell appliance to another:

The first thing to consider is whether the appliances are on the exact same version including hot fixes. If the destination appliance is using any earlier version, the restore may fail.

After verifying the appliances are on identical versions, we could not get the case restore to work.

After using robocopy to move the backup as noted in the solution, we received a new error.


Error Message

The first error we received was:


The second error we received was:

com.teneo.esa.esacase.CaseManagerException: [#80111] An unexpected error occurred: [#156066] Unable to create data using ID space 3771 because it is already in use by another cluster (CustomerID:QA-IMG-01:2595:20100803:184134746).



After troubleshooting we concluded that the case backup was not copied to the destination properly. There are empty folders and special file structures that will not copy properly using windows. Robocopy must be employed to make an exact copy of the data.

robocopy <Source> <Destination> /e /tee

Due to the problem restoring, a database entry was created that conflicted with the new restore. Manual manipulation of the CLUSTER database was necessary.   Contact Tech Support for assistance.

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