Unable to create custom Recovery Disk (SRD) when SSR and PGP Desktop Encryption are both installed.

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The error below is seen when attempting to create a custom System Recovery Disk (SRD) when both System Recovery (SSR) and PGP Desktop Encryption are installed.

Figure 1:

Error Message

Error ECA307DE: Failed to unmount a previously mounted WIM file. A process or application may have a lock on a file within the mounted WIM content.

The Microsoft platform code is 126.



Right-click on the PGP Desktop icon (padlock) in the system tray and select 'Exit PGP Services' before starting the SRD creation. PGP services can be restarted when the SRD creation is complete.


This issue is fixed in PGP (now known as Encryption Desktop) version 10.3.x.


Another possible solution to this problem is to disable the service for 'IDrive Online Backup' (https://www.idrive.com/). If both SSR and IDrive are installed, the above issue may be seen.


Applies To

Windows 7/2008 R2 x64

PGP Desktop Encryption

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