Although the NetBackup 5220 Appliance is operating normally, there may be a variation in the color displayed in the Critical Status LED. Additionally one of the power supply unit LED's may blink green rather than solid green.

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The NetBackup 5220 has a number of status indicator lights on the bottom of the Local Control Panel.  This panel is located on the right hand side of the system as you are facing it.  (See pictures below).  The LED (light emitting diode) in the bottom center of the panel (above the triangular "Warning" icon) provides overall system health indications.

For the majority of systems, the indicator glows green when the system is working well and very bright amber when the system has a fault. Additionally it is normal for one of the power supply LED indicators to blink green while the other is solid green. There are a number of systems where the LED glows a color closer to yellow-green instead of green when the system is operational.  Pictures of the system in the various states are shown below.

Error Message

Initial Power On:
When the system has first been connected to power but the power button has not been pushed (standby) and the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) has finished initializing, it will go into a state where the System Status LED is lit a dim amber:


Powered on with a yellow color instead of green
In some cases, the shade of green for the Power LED and the System Status LED may differ.  The System Status LED may appear more yellow than green when compared to the Power LED:

This is not an error state and does not need to be reported.


True Error Condition
In the event of a critical ereror, the System Status LED will display a very bright, solid amber:

This is an error state and should be reported.



Why are there color variations?

A multicolor LED's color changes based on the voltage and current going through the LED.  Due to manufacturing variability, some of the LEDs glow yellow-green instead of a "pure" green when the system is working as expected.

Why does one of the power supply unit's LED blink green rather than remain a solid green?

This is normal behavior. The power supply units act in a active/passive manner. When both power supplies are plugged in, one of them will change from active to standby mode and the LED will blink green. Additionally, when the power supply is in passive/standby mode, it will display a low wattage in hardware monitoring.

How to validate the system is in good operational health

1. The first indiciation for the system is whether or not the LED matches the color shown/described above.

2. A second check is to look for any other fault lights on the back of the system.  If a power supply is faulted, you will see a light come on.  This LED is used to indicate power faults.  If both power supplies' LEDs show green (or one solid green and one blinking green), it indicates good health and no faults.

3. The NetBackup 5220 Appliance has an error notification system with three outputs: SNMP, SMTP and Call Home.  If these error notification systems are showing normal operation, the system is operating normally.

When these conditions are met, the system is in good health.



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