Enterprise Vault Domino Archiving task fails with Event ID 41163 about "Error saving note: Note item not found"

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In certain Domino Mailbox databases some noteIDs cannot be archived by Enterprise Vault, the Domino Archiving task fails with Event ID 41163 about "Error saving note: Note item not found"

Error Message

Type :  Error
Date :  01/11/2012
Time :  12:00:00
Event :  41163
Source :  Enterprise Vault
Category : Lotus Domino Mailbox Archiving Task
User :  N/A
There was an error processing an item in a mailbox. The task will process the item again on the next archiving run.

Task: Domino Mailbox Archiving Task

Mailbox: 'MAILSERVER/example!!mail\testuser1'-CN=Test User1/O=EXAMPLE @ example

NoteID: 1106

Subject: This is the email having the error

Error: Error saving note: Note item not found

Trace:    at DomNote.Save(DomSaveOptions saveOpts)
   at DomNote.Save()
   at LotusDominoMailboxArchivingTask.QItemArchive.StoreItem()
   at LotusDominoMailboxArchivingTask.QItemArchive.ArchiveNote()
   at LotusDominoMailboxArchivingTask.QItemArchive.Process()


The above issue might occur when Domino Mailbox Databases have IMAP support enabled. IBM support have indicated that the archive failure is actually caused by a domino database corruption.

The database corruption does not allow the Enterprise Vault Archiving task to properly convert some items to 'shortcuts', therefore the task threats them every time like 'non-archived' items and insert them into the EV Domino Archive. To avoid the creation of duplicate SavesetID into the EV Domino archives it is recommended to disable the affected mailbox databases from EV archiving and proceed with the database fixup.

Database fixup: in order to fix the database corruption IBM has indicated the following procedure (to be executed against corrupted Domino Mailboxes databases while temporarily disabled from Enterprise Vault Archiving): 

1. Disable IMAP ---> "load convert -e- mail\testuser1.nsf"

2. Database Fixup --> 

  a. "load fixup -j -f mail\testuser1.nsf"
  b. "load compact -c -i mail\testuser1.nsf"
  c. "load updall -r mail\testuser1.nsf"

3. Enable IMAP ---> "load convert -e mail\testuser1.nsf"

Please refer to IBM documentation to better understand the usage of the above commands and when they can be executed.

In order to avoid duplicate entries creation Symantec engineering is including the above errors into the 'blacklist' mechanism, basically the EV Archiving task encountering the above error will simply 'remember' that those noteIDs are already archived and it will not archive them again during each Archiving task execution.


This issue has been addressed in the following releases:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 cumulative hotfix 2 release 

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Release Details

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