Converting archived files to placeholders lead to error OFFLINE_MTIME_BAD_FORMAT

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While archiving content from Celerra / VNX CIFS shares, when the archiving process attempts to convert archived files to placeholders, as the metadata cannot be validated, the File System Archiving report log shows the resulting error 


Error Message

11/30/2012 3:45:20 PM  \\EMCX\esha\book\Thumbs.db   4096      Default FSA Volume Policy               Office Files          ARCHIVE              *** Error *** - Error making file: \\?\UNC\EMCX\esha\book\Thumbs.db a placeholder file. OFFLINE_MTIME_BAD_FORMAT’



After a file has been archived EV instructs the Celerra/VNX to convert the file at source to a placeholder shortcut, and passes the required input.  Part of this input is the file
modified time (MDATE). It was identified that this input is being passed incorrectly, therefore the response from Celerra/VNX retuns the error (OFFLINE_MTIME_BAD_FORMAT).   


This issue is addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 5 Release

Enterprise Vault 9.0.5 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Release Details


Applies To

EMC VNX with DART 7.0.x and 7.1.x


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