BMR enabled backup job is partially successful (status code 1) after upgrade to Netbackup, Parent job fails reporting status code 26

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BMR enabled backup job is partially successful (1) after upgrading to Netbackup, Parent job details shows Status 26

Error Message

Parent job detailed status:

28/11/2012 17:48:42 PM - transferring BMR information to the master server
28/11/2012 17:48:42 PM - connecting
28/11/2012 17:48:42 PM - connected; connect time: 00:00:00
Status 26
Status 1
28/11/2012 17:56:34 PM - end operation
the requested operation was partially successful(1)



This issue only affects NetBackup Bare Metal Restore

To reproduce the issue, check if this command core dumps on the master server for some clients.

bpbrm -backup -collect_bmr_info -c <client_hostname> -cl <policy_name>

Application event logs on Windows media server ...

Source:        Application Error
Date:          28-11-2012 17:54:42
Event ID:      1000
Task Category: Application Crashing Events
Computer:      <hostname>
Faulting application name: bpbrm.exe, version: 7.500.412.916, time stamp: 0xmsvcr100.dll
Faulting module name: 10.0.40219.1, version: 000000000005346e, time stamp:
Exception code: 0x%7

OS messages on UNIX media server ...

Example 1:
bpbrm[11623]: segfault at 7fff94941d10 ip 00007ff486961722 sp 00007fff402b9f28 error 4 in[7ff4868e3000+155000]

Example 2:
bpbrm[24391] general protection ip:7f9c5af8c722 sp:7ffff244b618 error:0 in[7f9c5af0e000+155000]

bpbrm log on media server shows nothing since it exits immediately ...

17:48:35.451 [3100.5576] <2> bpbrm spawn_child: "C:\Program Files\Verit
17:48:36.607 [3200.1360] <2> bpbrm spawn_child: "C:\Program Files\Verit
17:56:23.739 [2716.6008] <2> logparams: -c pdc-s-1ss-db-03.sibgenco.loc
17:56:24.380 [2716.6008] <2> job_connect: Connected to the host pdc-s-b

bmrsavecfg log on client ...

11/7/2012 17:55:48.228  [CBmrSaveCfg.cpp:LocalBmrOps()] Exiting, line=798
11/7/2012 17:55:48.228  [CBmrSaveCfg.cpp:sendDiscovery()] Exiting,  rc=204
11/7/2012 17:55:48.228  [CBmrSaveCfg::discover()] Failed sending the discovery, rc=204, mode=1
11/7/2012 17:55:48.228  [CBmrSaveCfg.cpp:LocalBmrOps()] Entering, line=778, msgId= 21
11/7/2012 17:55:48.228  [Error] V-121-21 Failed sending the discovery.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2991491) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup Bare Metal Restore 7.5 Maintenance Release 5 (

NetBackup is now available - please access the Related Article below for more information.

Note: This hotfix is no longer publicly available, as all of its fixes are included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release.  If any of these issues are experienced in a NetBackup 7.5.0.x environment, the supported resolution is to apply the maintenance release.

Symantec Bug ID: ET 2991238

Version:  NetBackup_7.5.0.4

Installation Location:  media server

Installation Instructions:  
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available at

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.2991238.1.AMD64.exe Windows x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.x86.exe Windows x86 Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.hpia64  HP-UX Itanium Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.hp_ux  HP-UX PA-RISC Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.linuxR_x86 RedHat x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.linuxS_x86 Suse x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.rs6000  AIX Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.solaris Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.solaris_x86 Solarix x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.zlinuxR RedHat System z Installation
eebinstaller.2991238.1.zlinuxS Suse System z Installation

1732409095 2783833 linuxR_x86/bpbrm
596209640 10181200 hpia64/bpbrm
1974012993 5494584 hp_ux/bpbrm
3900879195 2791069 linuxS_x86/bpbrm
963334316 6943689 rs6000/bpbrm
1659028849 4215616 solaris/bpbrm
424376670 4397800 solaris_x86/bpbrm
4039275286 3070698 zlinuxR/bpbrm
3537507387 3081756 zlinuxS/bpbrm
336316957 1275904 x86/bpbrm.exe
1172411492 1361920 AMD64/bpbrm.exe

Recommended service state:  Shut down services on the media server before applying.

Applies To

Netbackup Master / Media servers at (UNIX and Windows)

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