List of fixes included in the bundle for Auto Image Replication

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This document contains a list of fixes included in the EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) bundle available for media servers where Auto Image Replication is in use, available by contacting Veritas technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 2941256:


2946749 : Improve network resiliency of bpdm and OST plugin errors for import. Improve efficiency of disk media id resolution on imports.
2946751 : Fix PDVFS error codes so that ENOENT is only returned if the file actually does not exist.
2948076 : Import manager needs to be tolerant of spaces in the backup id/ client names.
2954511 : Some AIR imports are failing with "fragment already exists"
2959679 : Auto Import media id correction should be simplified to reduce CORBA requests
2959684 : Imports to do not retry even for trivial sts error codes.
2962889 : Import manager function helperPurgeOldFailedImportImages was removed from ImportManager in 7.5 GA. Put it back.
2962997 : The "replica" copies in the EMM_Image database are not getting the correct SLP index
2971692 : Import manager issues
2971701 : nbstlutil must allow a list of BIDs for the -test_import_frags option
2984644 : If there's exactly one image that qualifies for a BID list in an nbstserv session, that BID list is discarded. This will continue for future sessions until at least one additional image arrives and qualifies for the same BID list.
2996499 : Some SLP duplications are failing with status 190
3017348 : Importing images into target domain

All of the fixes included in this bundle are scheduled to be included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release. 

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Manually importing replicated images on an AIR target server should be done with extreme caution as it can lead to unexpected image expiration if not managed correctly.

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