Message Queue for EV 8

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Message Queues for Enterprise Vault 8 and above.


Microsoft Message Queuing :
Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology enables applications running at different times to communicate across heterogeneous networks and systems that may be temporarily offline. MSMQ provides guaranteed message delivery, efficient routing, security, and priority-based messaging. It can be used to implement solutions for both asynchronous and synchronous messaging scenarios.

Below are the Message Queue  in Enterprise Vault 8 and there description :-

Queue Name

Contains information about


Pending Items that are being updated. Sometimes referred to as post processing, where items are converted from pending to fully archived in user’s mailboxes.


Individual items to process. Used for manual archive requests and whenever Enterprise Vault cannot directly communicate with the Storage Archive queue of the Storage service.


Used whenever a Run Now operation has been executed on the Archiving Task. Lists mailboxes to process.


Individual items to process. Only used for retries when Enterprise Vault cannot directly communicate with the Storage Archive queue of the Storage service.


Mailboxes to process. Used during background archiving. This queue is not processed outside the scheduled archiving times, so you cannot use Run Now to clear a backlog on this queue.


Requests to update folders with items that have been moved inside a mailbox. In older versions of Enterprise Vault than version 8, this queue processed synchronization.


Synchronization Requests. This queue was not included pre-EV8.

Queue Name

Contains information about


Item Ready, Operation Failed. Items to retrieve.


Restore Item, Update Basket. Items ready for retrieval.


Shortcuts to update. Also failed operations.


Items to process.


Process Mailbox. Instructs the Exchange Journaling task to examine the journal mailbox for new messages. Up to 250 new messages will be marked as archive pending and a message is placed on queue j2 for each such message.


Synchronize System

Enterprise Vault spool queue

Items restored by the Storage service that are now ready to be processed by the Exchange Mailbox task (for retrieval).

Enterprise Vault storage archive

Items to be stored in vault stores.

Enterprise Vault storage restore

Items to be retrieved from vault stores to Mailbox.

Enterprise Vault admin queue

Temporary hold the messages which are manually purged from other queues.

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