vxquota can fail to turn on if files have large UID's

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In previous version of vxfs uid's for user nobody would be set as 4294967294.   With fsdb the uid of the file would be translated to "-2"

bash-3.00# ls -in  < Displays the file inode and uid>
total 36064
48389 -rw-r--r-- 1 4294967294 820 297 Jun 25 2003 temp 

bash-3.00# echo "999fset.48389i" | fsdb -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/testdg/testvol

inode structure at 0x000a9a0f.0500
type IFREG mode 100644  nlink 1  uid -2  gid 820  size 297            <<<<<<<<<
atime 1348309670 918476  (Sat Sep 22 03:27:50 2012 PDT)
With new product release the large uid value can cause vxquota's to fail to turn.   Customer running into this issue must locate the long uid and change it to the correct value using chown.

Error Message

when mounting the filesystem with -o quota the following error will occur.

 bash-3.00# mount -F vxfs -o quota /dev/vx/dsk/testdg/testvol /test/
UX:vxfs mount: ERROR: V-3-21301: VX_QUOTAON failed on quota file "/test/quotas"

the filesystem will still mount but quota's will fail when reporting on them.

 bash-3.00#  /opt/VRTS/bin/vxquotaon -v /test
UX:vxfs vxquotaon: ERROR: V-3-22210: /test: unexpected error 5 while changing quota state


Files having large UID's due to stale entries from previous versions.


To find the files having the large UID's:

# find /<mount-point> -user 4294967294 -print 

Confirm the large UID's on the output from above:
# ls -n <file>

Change the UID on the file:

# chown nobody <file>


find /test -user 4294967294 -print

bash-3.00# cd /test/support 
bash-3.00# ls -n
total 36064
-rw-r--r-- 1 4294967294 820 297 Jun 25 2003 temp                            
kept the group value
 chown nobody:820 temp
bash-3.00# ls -n
total 36064
-rw-r--r-- 1 60001 820 297 Jun 25 2003 temp

bash-3.00#  /opt/VRTS/bin/vxquotaon -v /test
UX:vxfs vxquotaon: INFO: V-3-23548: /test: user quotas turned on
UX:vxfs vxquotaon: INFO: V-3-23430: /test: group quotas turned on

Applies To

Solaris 10 X86

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