A hotfix is available to prevent an issue where Call Home data may fill the root partition of NetBackup and Deduplication Appliances.

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Under certain conditions, Call Home data may not be deleted from their temporary locations, which can result in the root partition (/) of NetBackup Appliances becoming full.  This can cause the Appliance to stop functioning.  A hotfix is available for download which will prevent this issue from occurring as well as perform a cleanup of the root partition, removing any remaining old data.  This hotfix also resolves a separate issue involving unexpected behavior when using a proxy server.



The formal resolution for this issue is included in the following releases:

  • NetBackup 50x0 Appliance
  • NetBackup 52x0 Appliance 2.5.2

Download and README information for these releases is available via the Related Articles linked below.

Please download the Attachment which corresponds to the current version of the Appliance.

For PureDisk 50x0 Appliances at version 1.4.2 and 1.4.3, the included README file provides instructions on how to apply the hotfix. 

For NetBackup 52x0 Appliances, please access the Related Article linked below for instructions on applying the hotfix.

Note: A reboot of the Appliance may be necessary after applying this hotfix. 

Note: These hotfixes are no longer publicly available, as all of their fixes are included in the versions mentioned above.  If this issue is experienced, the supported resolution is to apply the latest maintenance release available.


Applies To

The following Appliance versions are affected:

  • NetBackup PureDisk 5000/5020 Appliances versions 1.4.2 and 1.4.3
  • NetBackup 5200/5220 Appliances versions 2.0.2, 2.0.3, 2.5 & 2.5.1

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