License key is not activating Storage Foundation version 6.0.

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An installed license key is not activating the product.

Error Message

# vxdg -C import (disk group)
VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group (disk group): import failed:
License has expired or is not available for operation


The license key sub-components were not created upon license installation.


Review of the license keys using the following process will show only one license key item.

# cd /etc/vx/licenses/lic

# ls

Output consists of ONE LINE ITEM.

(Example not shown as license keys are per-customer and confidential information).

However, where a system is properly licensed, several line items should exist.

Additionally, the vxdctl command to check the license will show:

# /usr/sbin/vxdctl license

No licensed features are available
 RAID-5 Snapshot
 DMP (single path enabled)
 Dynamic LUN Expansion
 Hardware assisted copy

Where a Storage Foundation key was entered successfully, then the "ls" will display a minimum of THREE line items.

1 LINE for the Master Product Key (Storage Foundation entry)

1 LINE for the sub - product key that belongs to the Veritas Volume Manager  product (VxVM).

1 LINE for the sub - product key that belongs to the Veritas Filesystem product (VxFS).

 *** NOTE: It is also possible there will be more license items listed for additional products / options which increase the licensed capability of the installed product stack.


The proper vxdctl output should show an output similar to this:

# /usr/sbin/vxdctl license
All features are available:
 Root Mirroring
 RAID-5 Snapshot
 DMP (multipath enabled)
 Dynamic LUN Expansion
 Hardware assisted copy
 DMP Native Support


 To resolve the issue:

1) Remove the old license entry, as the same license cannot be input into the system where it already is existing.

(it may be desirable to take note of the license or move the license file to another directory if the original document with the license is not available for re-input).

# cd /etc/vx/licenses/lic

# rm *

2) Re-install the license key. 

# /sbin/vxlicinst -k (license key provided by Symantec Licensing Dept)

3) Verify that more than 1 line item is now listed

# ls -l

4) Rescan the installed licenses on the system.

# /usr/sbin/vxdctl license init 

5) Check the licensed features

# /usr/sbin/vxdctl license

6) Assuming #5 returns similar to the output previously detailed as "good", attempt the action which reported the license failure.

The action should now complete successfully where a valid license for the action is installed on the system.

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