Starting GAB after upgrade to 5.0MP3RP5 of Cluster Server results in GAB V-15-2-25002 I/O error

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After having installed and upgraded to 5.0MP3RP5, it was not possible to configure GAB

Error Message

# lltconfig -c
# gabconfig -cx
GAB gabconfig ERROR V-15-2-25002 I/O error


Issue appeared to be a duplicate cluster id on the network, as referenced in /etc/llttab.


/etc/llttab was amended to set a unique cluster id of "99" on the test network.

# cat /etc/llttab
set-node rdgp510-03
set-cluster 99
link en1 /dev/dlpi/en:1 - ether - -
link en2 /dev/dlpi/en:2 - ether - -

LLT and GAB were restarted, and GAB seeded without error.

Applies To

AIX 5.3


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