Windows Photo Viewer causes multiple Enterprise Vault (EV) placeholder recalls

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When opening an EV placeholder, and the archived item is opened with Windows Photo and Fax Viewer or Windows Photo Gallery, the next image file according to the Windows Explorer sort order is also recalled.


This is expected behavior when using Windows Photo and Fax Viewer or Windows Photo Gallery as the program to open the image. These particular programs have a caching mechanism which causes a recall of the next image listed within that folder and is behavior that cannot be stopped from an EV perspective. To see this behavior perform the following test:

  • Archive an amount of image files in one folder. For the purpose of this example you have 5 bitmap files archived called file1.bmp, file2.bmp, file3.bmp, file4.bmp and file5.bmp.
  • Files are sorted by name.
  • Logged into either a Windows 7 or Windows Vista client double click on file1.bmp so it is opened with either Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Photo Gallery
  • Notice that file1.bmp has been opened successfully but looking in Windows Explorer file2.bmp has also been recalled
  • It can be shown that this is not an EV issue by clicking on the right arrow icon within the photo viewer program which will show the file2.bmp image. Notice that file3.bmp has now also been recalled.

The above example is to demonstrate that the recall request is being generated by the program.


Change the default image viewer program to a different program that does not preload the next listed image.

Applies To

The following clients exhibit this behavior:

Windows 7 (All supported versions)

Windows Vista (All supported versions)

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