Items Are Collected From Enterprise Vault outside date filter range


During review of collected items, the end user may see Exchange items where the sent date does not fall within the date range expected.


Items collected from Enterprise Vault (EV) using a date range filter are searched against the DATE attribute assigned to each archived item.  If the item has a date stamp that falls within the Date Range filter, the item will be collected regardless of the Sent or Receive date displayed on the message.


The following explains how the DATE attribute is created by EV for Exchange items.  Further illustrated with this listing of properties that EV uses for Exchange Messages archived via the Journal or Mailbox agent.

Note: If the first attribute does not exist, the next attribute is tried and so on.

If none of the following attributes exist, the current time (Archive date) is used.

Note Prior to version 8.0 SP2, Enterprise Vault  only looked at the following, in order but the fallback to the Archive date is the same.

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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