How come on CommandCentral Storage 5.2 Release Update 4 Windows MS installation the Database Backup option does not backup the ASA database files as expected.

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CommandCentral Storage  (CCS) 5.2 Release Update (RU) 4 contains a code change to alter the default directory for backing up the Sybase ASA database prior to upgrade for preservation of a known good copy of the database until the upgrade is completed. The change was to allow an Administrator to choose where to place the database in a file system of their choosing instead of the default location on the system drive.

Error Message

The installer will request action from the user to decide on a backup. Please make a prior backup as it will fail to write to the chosen location and will take the time to calculate the space and appear hung for some time depending on the database size.


 The code modification contains a defect that does not complete the backup automatically and manual intervention is required.



On CCS5.2RU4 Windows MS installation the Database Backup option does not backup the database files.

  Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage Data\Database

10/19/2012  02:53 PM        94,650,368 ccstor.db
10/19/2012  02:53 PM           196,608 ccstor.log
10/19/2012  02:53 PM         5,169,152 ccstordm.db
10/19/2012  02:35 PM             4,096 ccstordm.log

A manual backup is required, please take the backup of the database manually before upgrading to RU4 as below:

  • Create a directory "dbsnapshot" on the disk where sufficient space is available
    • md f:\dbsnapshot
  • cd "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\Support\Tools"
  • dbbackup.bat  <path to dbsnapshot dir>
    • dbbackup.bat f:\dbsnapshot


After completion of backup, you will find ccstor.db and ccstordm.db backed up .

In some cases, ccstor.log and ccstordm.log may also be present.

Note: If present, the log files are required parts of the snapshot.

For further information and other files that can be manually backed up please see the associated articles below.

 Install the upgrade without selecting to backup the database:

Applies To

 Windows Server Operating System

CommandCentral Storage (CCS) Management Server (MS) 5.2, RU1, RU2, RU3, RU4

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