NetBackup Accelerator track logs consume all available disk space


When an Accelerator based backup is performed on a 32-bit Windows client with checkpoint restart enabled, the track log may grow in size to consume all available disk space if the backup is suspended or fails and resumes from the checkpoint.


The following conditions must exist for this symptom to occur:
- Windows client must be 32-bit
- The Accelerator feature must be enabled on the backup policy
- The Checkpoint Restart feature must be enabled on the backup policy
- The backup must fail or be suspended and subsequently resumed from the checkpoint

This symptom does not affect Windows 64-bit clients


The NetBackup Maintenance Release contains a solution for this issue.

An interim workaround to prevent occurrence is to disable the Checkpoint Restart feature in the backup policy until the 32-bit Windows client can be patched with NetBackup or higher maintenance.

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