Bare Metal Restore (BMR) RedHat 6.3 clients fail to import config file.

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A failure occurs when backing up a RedHat 6.3 client with BMR selected within the policy. The client data will be backed up but the BMR collected information is not properly imported into the BMR DB.

Error Message

Job Details:

Error bpbrm(pid=10764) BMRERR: Received BMR error: Failed to import Config file. (1)

Client bmrsavecfg (121) log:

2012/09/20 16:58:45.413 [CBmrSaveCfg.cpp:sendDiscovery()] BMROP_IMPORT failed, rc=1
2012/09/20 16:58:45.413 [CBmrSaveCfg.cpp:LocalBmrOps()] Entering, line=778, msgId= 27
2012/09/20 16:58:45.413 [Error] V-121-27 Failed to import Config file.
2012/09/20 16:58:45.419 [bmrop.cpp:BmrOps()] Entering, line=1464, operation=create, resource=16, param1=Failed to import Config file., param2=Failed to import Config file., param3=1, param4=0
2012/09/20 16:58:45.419 [bmrop.cpp:BmrOpProcess()] Entering, line=996, operation=create, resource=16
2012/09/20 16:58:45.419 [bmrop.cpp:BmrOpCreate()] Entering, line=301, resource=16
2012/09/20 16:58:45.419 [client_utils.cpp:SendErrRequest()] Entering, line=277, Msg1=Failed to import Config file., Msg2=Failed to import Config file., Status=1, newConnection=0

Server bmrd (119) log:

2012/09/20 17:00:32.401 [VerifyConfig.cpp:VerifyConfig()] Entering at line 54
2012/09/20 17:00:32.401 V-128-741 [VerifyConfig.cpp:VerifyConfig()] Critical mountpoints are
missing from the configuration.
2012/09/20 17:00:32.401 [VerifyConfig.cpp:VerifyConfig()] Exiting at line 167
2012/09/20 17:00:32.401 V-128-740 [ImportCfg.cpp:ImportConfig()] unable to verify configuration



Due to a change within RedHat 6.3 regarding the LVM command line interface, current relases of NetBackup BMR are unable to obtain required system information that is required for system recovery.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2885948) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 5 (

NetBackup is now available - please access the Related Article below for more information.

An Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) is available for this issue when running NetBackup BMR  Please contact Symantec technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 2942560.


Applies To

Master Server NetBackup BMR and prior 7.5.0.x releases

BMR and prior 7.5.0.x releases, RedHat 6.3 (does not impact pre RedHat 6.3 releases)

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