'Partial Success' of Enterprise Vault(EV) Collection Task

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Some items are collected for particular archives, but there are also items that have failed to be collected, causing the Collection Task to finish with 'Partial Success'

Error Message

<< Job.Log >> aka: Status.Log

Starting content retriever batch for storage server 1E3DA965E32BEDF4E82E6494682BB5DCA1E10000TESTARCHIVE
1,000 content retrieval errors in batch

<< UncollectedFiles >>

"-2147220729" "error code: 0x80040307 , message: CONTENTMANAGEMENTAPI_E_ITEM_NOT_FOUND:Item not found"



The items discovered during the Collection search are in the index of the EV archive, but no longer in Storage.


Verify the error code and reason, stated in the uncollectedFile log, as to why the items failed to be collected.
(The uncollectedFile log is located in the Destination folder of the Collection Task)

If the Error and Reason are:"-2147220729" "error code: 0x80040307 , message: CONTENTMANAGEMENTAPI_E_ITEM_NOT_FOUND:Item not found".  Follow the steps to resolution.

1. Rebuild/Update the EV archive index.

2. Re-run the Collection Task.


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