[#41057] Content processor error - [#414203] NetIT Job Processor Publish Error. NetIT Publish Failure


Above error is shown in review mode when Calendar items are sent "On Behalf of"


Error Message

Error preparing document for display.

[#41057] Content processor error - [#414203] NetIT Job Processor Publish Error. NetIT Publish Failure


This is a known issue with our third party vendor. Symantec is actively working with the third party vendor to resolve the issue. The issue is due to Microsoft Outlook security design considerations.



If the Outlook calendar item can be seen in text view,  verify if the calendar item has "on behalf of" in the From field:

  1. Go to Actions > Export > Metadata
  2. Select Options: Include message in native format (including attachments) & native loose files
  3. Click Export
  4. Once the export is done, view the MSG.
  5. Does the From field show "From: <sender name> on behalf of <sender name 2>? 

For example:

From: Smith, Sally on behalf of Wilson, Brian

If the above scenario does exist, please use the workaround below.

If it does not, please escalate to Clearwell support.


Alternate workaround is to do a tiff replacement for the calendar item.

This is how to create the CSV to do the tiff replacement.

Create a tiff file of the calendar item - Create a CSV file with these fields (you should only need Field 1 and Field 3)

[Field 1] Production Number DocID
[Field 2] Volume ID
[Field 3] Full DOS Path This contains both the path to the image and the actual image filename.
[Field 4] Document Break This is a text field. If this particular image is the first page of a document, this field should contain a "Y" (Yes).
[Field 5] Folder Break This is a text field. It's fairly rarely used but if used is intended to work just like Document Break, i.e. it would contain a "Y" if this is the first page of a new folder.
[Field 6] Box Break This is a text field. Also rarely used but intended to work like Doc and Folder Break...would contain a "Y" if this is the first page of a new box.
[Field 7] Pages This is a text field although it contains numeric data. If this is the first page of a new document, "Document Break" will contain a "Y" and this field will show the number of pages for the document.

For example, the DocID is and PDF is correct.pdf. The CSV should look like this.,, correct.pdf,,,,,

  1. Put the tiff files and the CSV file in a directory on the hard disk or fileshare
  2. Log into Clearwell
  3. Select the case
  4. Go to Case tab > Sources > Images tab > Add
  5. Select the CSV
  6. Clearwell will load the CSV file and the status should be succeeded 
  7. Once the CSV is successfully loaded, verify the images have been added using Review Mode > Native.


Applies To

Applies to Release6.0; 5.5 SP1; 5.5; 5.1; 5.0

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