Unable to establish a Trust, after experiencing Active Directory sync problems.

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The Backup Exec 2012 software had been working.   The user had experienced a time sync problem with their Active Directory environment, after which Backup Exec no longer could establish a security trust authentication, to the remote agents running on all of his physical and virtual guest machines.     This prevented any backup jobs from getting submitted.

Error Message

"Backup Exec cannot establish a trust with the remote computer because an SSL connection cannot be set up.
You can attempt to resolve this issue by re-establishing  the trust  between the Backup Exec server and the remote computer"

Additional detail:

Calling Method 'SetServerTrust'
BEMSDK Method 'MediaServerAdvertisementUpdate'
BEMSDK Failure Code:  -536831088:X88


Problem with the security certificates used by Backup Exec on the media server to establish a "trust" with the remote agents running on the remote servers.    The problems with Active Directory apparently rendered the certificates invalid on the media server. 


Steps to re-enable trust relationships with remote agents:

1.  Stop Backup Exec services on the media server.

2.  Move the certificates files from the Backup Exec DATA folder to a "SAVED" folder.   These files have a *.CRT and *.KEY file extension.  

3.  Restart the Backup Exec services.

4.  Right click the mouse on the server icons in the Backup Exec console and select "Establish Trust"  This action will re-create the security certificates on the media server in the DATA folder between the media server and remote agent.  

Backup jobs should now be able to be submitted.

Note:  If the "trusts" are successfully established, then the "SAVED" folder and contents can be deleted from the server. 

Note:  This issue can also occur if the NDMP port has been changed on the remote server.

Ensure if the Backup Exec Remote Agent service is using Port 10000 for NDMP.
Reference : ( 000025920​)  ( 000025898​)


Applies To

Windows 2008 R2 on media server

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