Review status screen displaying incorrect information for unreviewed items older than 30 days in Compliance Accelerator (CA) Client.

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The Compliance Accelerator (CA) Home Page display shows an incorrect count of unreviewed items older than 30 days, while the Review tab shows the correct count.


In the Compliance Accelerator (CA) Client, the Home tab has a Summary sub-tab.  The data on the Summary sub-tab includes a column titled '> 30 days old'.  The count in this column reflects the number of items that are 30 days old or older that have not been reviewed.  This count has been found to show the number of unreviewed items that can be as little as 7 days old or older, indicating an incorrect count for the displayed Department.

Clicking on the count number changes the CA Client to the Review tab with the Department automatically selected with the Status facet set to Unreviewed and the Date capture facet set to the date 30 days into the past (i.e., on 25 May 2012, the Date capture facet will have checked an entry of 04/24/2012 or older).

A calculation method used to determine the count of unreviewed items older than 30 days has been found to return counts of unreviewed items that are 7 days or older instead of 30 days or older.


No workaround has been found for this issue.  When clicking on the count of unreviewed items older than 30 days, the resultant Review tab display shows the correct count for unreviewed items older than 30 days.

To determine the actual number of days represented by the Home tab, Summary sub-tab display, follow the steps below.

In the CA Client while logged in with an account that has sufficient permissions to review items within a Department:

  1. Click on the Review tab.
  2. Select the Department to be reviewed in the Department drop down field.
  3. Expand the Status facet.
  4. Uncheck all status options except Unreviewed.
  5. Expand the Capture Date facet.
  6. Uncheck all capture date facets.
  7. Click on the option date range ....
  8. Leave the From calendar unchanged.
  9. Click on the To calendar that will be displayed
  10. Click the date 7 days in the past (i.e., for 25 May, go back to 18 May).
  11. Click the OK button to save the selection.
  12. Click on the Apply button to display all unreviewed items older than 7 days.
  13. Note the count of the unreviewed items.  If the count does not match that of the Home tab's Summary sub-tab, uncheck the previously created date and repeat Steps 7 through 11 using a different day than 7 days in the past, repeating this until the unreviewed count matches that of the Summary sub-tab. 


This issue has been resolved in the following releases:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 - Release Details

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