NB_7.5.0.3_ET2876501_1.zip is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) bundle for NetBackup

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Note: This hotfix is no longer publicly available, as all of its fixes are included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release.  If any of these issues are experienced in a NetBackup 7.5 environment, the supported resolution is to apply the maintenance release.

The following Etracks are fixed in the EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) bundle for NetBackup attached to this document:


(ET 2719194) Since upgrading to 7.5, most SLPs are not running. The logs state the media servers aren't accessible.

(ET 2832342) After upgrade to NB multiple bpdbm processes appear to be using excessive CPU time.

(ET 2842910) SLP duplications not using NDMP direct copy

(ET 2860243) nbstserv will not start since upgrade.

Additional information on some of these specific issues can be found in the Related Articles linked below.

Resolutions for all of these issues is also included in the NetBackup Maintenance Release.  Information on NetBackup is available in a Related Article linked below.

Symantec Bug ID: ET 2876501

Version:  NetBackup_7.5.0.3

Installation Location:  master server

Installation Instructions: 
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH64620

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.2876501.1.AMD64.exe Windows x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.x86.exe  Windows x86 Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.linuxR_x86 RedHat x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.linuxS_x86 Suse x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.hpia64  HP-UX Itanium Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.rs6000  AIX Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.solaris  Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.2876501.1.solaris_x86 Solarix x64 Installation

3888931772 39444104 hpia64/nbstserv
3371867163 13265088 hpia64/nbstlutil
3206882696 7733598 linuxR_x86/nbstserv
3809590609 4118441 linuxR_x86/nbstlutil
1310238830 7757861 linuxS_x86/nbstserv
3652214220 4156336 linuxS_x86/nbstlutil
115036674 20221487 rs6000/nbstserv
3360840787 8021194 rs6000/nbstlutil
765494117 12373040 solaris/nbstserv
3203658817 5140992 solaris/nbstlutil
2801796338 15208928 solaris_x86/nbstserv
4210554469 5815360 solaris_x86/nbstlutil
3620570211 3362304 AMD64/nbstserv.exe
850484980 1340928 AMD64/nbstlutil.exe
96048567 2753536 x86/nbstserv.exe
1308493250 1158144 x86/nbstlutil.exe

Recommended service state: 
Provided there is no nbstlutil command syntax running and very likely nbstserv is not running, this eebinstaller can be used without stopping NetBackup.

If nbstserv is running, then you must terminate it and any duplication, import, or snapdupe operations before installation.



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