C shell doesn't work with VCS Oracle Enterprise agents on AIX when the oracle uses LDAP authentication

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LDAP authentication on Solaris versus AIX was being compared with regard to operation of the Oracle Enterprise agent. Using 5.1SP1 of the VRTSvcsea fileset on AIX, it was found that monitoring by the agent wasn't working correctly for such Oracle agents.


Oracle agent scripts are unable to detect non-local users authenticated with LDAP on the AIX platform. The limitation only affects the user whose default shell is the C shell.


The fix worked on via e2773375 now has the Oracle agents using the "lsuser" command to get the default shell information of the user. This is resolved via VRTSvcsea-5.1SP1RP1HF1 and will be addressed in VCS 5.1SP1RP3


Applies To

6.1TL4 AIX

5.1SP1 of the VRTSvcsea fileset

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