WOFB snapshot fails when a sub directory on the volume contains a CD-ROM Mount Point

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It is possible to mount a CD/DVD-ROM to a directory (mount point) as opposed to a Drive Letter.  

When a NetBackup client has a CD/DVD-ROM drive configured in this way, it will cause a Windows Open File Backup (WOFB) job to fail the snapshot.

Error Message

bpbkar log snip:

9:52:27.063 AM: [6304.5284] <4> V_Snapshot::V_Snapshot_CreateSnapshot: INF - Attempting to create snapshots for 'D:'
9:52:27.063 AM: [6304.5284] <4> V_Snapshot::V_Snapshot_CreateSnapshot: INF - CREATE request: D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpfis create -owner NBU -WOFB -fim VSS:prov_type=1 -id my-client_1340113934 D:\
9:52:32.063 AM: [6304.5284] <4> V_Snapshot::V_Snapshot_ParseBpfisOutput: INF - Snapshot creation, FIS_ID: my-client_1340113934
9:52:32.063 AM: [6304.5284] <4> V_Snapshot::V_Snapshot_CreateSnapshot: INF - Snapshot creation was not successful

bpfis log snip:
09:52:29.376 [9628.8244] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: INF - snapshot services: vss:Tue Jun 19 2012 09:52:29.376000 <Thread id - 8244> VSS API ERROR:- API [IsVolumeSupported] return val = 80042308 [VSS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND]
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: INF - snapshot services: vxfi_gentree:  Invalid resource name or no plugin to claim this resource
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <32> onlfi_fim_split: FTL - VfMS error 11; see following messages:
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <32> onlfi_fim_split: FTL - Fatal method error was reported
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <32> onlfi_fim_split: FTL - vfm_freeze_commit: method: VSS, type: FIM, function: VSS_gentree
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <32> onlfi_fim_split: FTL - VfMS method error 1054; see following message:
09:52:29.376 [9628.8328] <32> onlfi_fim_split: FTL - snapshot services: snapshot target analysis failed: resource not claimed by any provider.


NetBackup does not include Removable Media (like a CD/DVD-ROM) within Backup Selections.  The Windows API NetBackup uses to take a volume snapshot can not compensate for this configuration.  Thus, when NBU attempts to take a snapshot of the parent volume, it fails to process correctly due to the presence of the mounted CD/DVD-ROM.


Symantec Engineering has determined that working around such a configuration requires extensive code modification and a binary can not be produced to address the issue.  Therefore this issue may be fixed in a future release.

There are two known workarounds:
1. Reconfigure the CD/DVD-ROM drive to be mounted with a Drive Letter

2. Reconfigure the Policy Backup Selections to omit the path containing the CD/DVD-ROM Mount Point.


If the E:\ drive has 4 subfolders and the CD/DVD-ROM drive is mounted into E:\CD-Drive:


Configure the Policy Backup Selection like this:


This will cause the Snapshot Logic to omit the problem directory and entirely avoid the snapshot attempt of the CD/DVD-ROM.

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