After presenting LUNs to a server, they show as Reserved and cannot be brought online in Windows 2008 with Windows Failover Cluster

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When using Windows 2008 and presenting (zoning) new LUNs (disks) to servers within a pre-configured Windows Failover Cluster, the disks show as Offline in Veritas Enterprise Administrator and attempts to Online the disks result in the error below.

Opening Start and selecting Run before typing in    diskmgmt.msc  brings up Disk Management; however, the disks show as Reserved on the different clustered nodes.

Error Message

v-76-58659-54:Trying to allign a disk. Getting error ''Failed to online disk''.


This issue comes about due to the Windows Failover Cluster recognizing the addition of the LUNs to the server and immediately taking control over those disks. This removes the ability for Windows Disk Management or Storage Foundation for Windows to properly manage the disks.


Verify this issue by opening Failover Cluster Manager.

Once open, highligh the option on the left for Storage and the disks should show up as Available Storage for use within the cluster.

At this point, simply Right Click on each of the disks and select the option to DELETE the resource.

Agree to the confirmation window that comes up and the disk resource will be removed from the cluster.

Now simply open Veritas Enterprise Administrator and Right Click on the disk, selecting the option to Online.

The disk should now come into an Online state and be usable within Disk Groups and other such tasks.

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