How to exclude files from EMC Celerra NDMP backups

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How to exclude files from EMC Celerra NDMP backups 


In the Symantec NetBackup for NDMP Guide (see Related Articles, below), the SET keyword as shown under “About environment variables in the backup selections list” should be used for NDMP backups because client software is not installed on the NDMP host.
The SET option allows you to exclude files on a backup. The syntax is vendor-specific; refer to the vendor’s documentation for more details on which variable can be passed and in what format.



From the EMC documentation found in the attachment "Configuring NDMP Backups on Celerra",
the details below are collected from the section:
- on page 56, Set environment variables
- on page 87, Exclude directories or files from backup by using filtering

The variables to use to exclude for EMC Celerra are:
- EMC_EDIR[01-50] for directories
- EMC_EFILE[01-50] for files

The FULL PATH should be used and it should not exceed 1024 characters.

Example to exclude a directory:
SET EMC_EDIR01=/tmp/test

Example to exclude a file:
SET EMC_EFILE01=/tmp/file

If there is more than one file or directory to exclude, enumerate them from number 01.
Example for directories /tmp/test1 and /tmp/test2:

SET EMC_EDIR01=/tmp/test1
SET EMC_EDIR02=/tmp/test2

Example for files /tmp/file1 and /tmp/file2:

SET EMC_EFILE01=/tmp/file1
SET EMC_EFILE02=/tmp/file2

Contact EMC Support for the most current information.

To exclude files or directories from NDMP  backups on a Network Appliance Filer, please refer to TECH10195.


Applies To

NBU 6.X / 7.X

Client Filer:  NAS EMC Celerra

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