A single backup job to a disk based device pool may use more than one device


When running non-GRT, backup jobs that are targeted to a disk based device pool, if a single job contains enough data to require spanning across multiple BKF files then the BKF files used by the single job may be spread across all the devices in the pool and not held within the first device selected.

It should be noted that exact behavior depends on the history of existing overwriteable media in the devices and whether or not Overwrite Recyclable media before scratch media is selected.

For example:

  • No media in devices at all results in new BKF files being created in order across all the devices.
  • Enough overwriteable BKF files in one device, that is all the oldest available will result in only that device being used.
  • Overwriteable BKF files across multiple devices where the age order is random will result in a seemingly random ordering of used BKF files in different devices.



This behavior is by design in Backup Exec 2010 R3 and earlier. To change the behavior, choose from one of the following
  • Target the jobs affected directly to the device and not to a pool
  • Upgrade to Backup Exec 2012 which maintains a single device when spanning across BKF files

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