Back up of a Virtual Machine fails with could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server

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Backup of a Virtual Machine in VMware fails with Final error: 0xe0009541 - Could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server. Please verify the credential supplied for login.

Error Message


0xe0009541 - Could not connect to the vCenter server or ESX server.  Please verify the credential supplied for login.

Error in the beremote debug:

[4256] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.353 [ndmp\loops]         - The media server BK2-SRV is already in the advertisement list.
[4256] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.403 [fsys\shared]        - vddkConnectToVMWareServer() GD: vmcConnect OK, vddkSession = 0000000009221320
[4256] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.413 [fsys\shared]        - vddkConnectToVMWareServer() GD: vmcLogin failed, result = 0X6
[4256] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.413 [fsys\shared]        - vddkDisconnectFromVCServer(): status = 0X0
[4256] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.414 [ndmp\loops]         - LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0xe0009541 processing object <Unknown>

Error in the bengine debug:

[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.166 [engapi]             - FindLoginCredentials() looking for resource VMVCB::\\\VCGuestVm\(DC)ha-datacenter(DC)\vm\Virtual Machine
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.166 [ndmp]               + ndmp_client_env.cpp (7461):
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.166 [ndmp]               | Found credentials for resourse: 'VMVCB::\\\VCGuestVm\(DC)ha-datacenter(DC)\vm\Virtual Machine'.
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.167 [engapi]             - FindLoginCredentials() looking for resource \\

[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.167 [ndmp]               | WARNING: Credentials for resourse: '\\ not found!
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.167 [loops]              - Media Server to initiate connection for data transfer

[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.415 [loops]              - BaseBSDProcessor::PollDataServer: Shutting down.
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.415 [loops]              - NDMPBackupEngine::ProcessBSD: We received a successful notify_data_halted without receiving a MSG_START_BACKUP_SET.
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.416 [server]             - BackupMessageHandlerForBackupJob::process( eng_msgs::close_catalog & msg ) called
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.416 [server]             - Not: 'm_bCatalogDrivenBackup && CatBuildVector[engine_id] && GetCarryFwdCatalogInfoForRemainingObjs( )'
[1832] 2012-07-06T11:57:32.416 [server]             - ERROR: CatBuildVector[engine_id] is NULL!!!!!



The resource credentials used for backing up the virtual machine are not associated with the resource container (Vcenter).



1. Add the IP address of the resource container (Vcenter) being backed up if the name is used or vice versa and then run the backup of the required resource.

2. If the above step works, the original resource container can be deleted and be readded.


Note: If the resource container is deleted it will also delete the catalogs. The media will have to be cataloged again.


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